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                                Welcome to Lazer Construction Company Inc.

We at LAZER, would like to serve as your one source to meet all of your construction needs. As General Contractors based out of Williamston, SC , we have been servicing the Carolinas, Tennessee and Virginia for over thirty years and have developed a network of dependable, reasonably priced subcontractors with all the experience necessary to meet the task at hand.

Our customers rely on us to meet their schedules without sacrificing safety or quality. While production is the center of our success, safety is the center of our existence. All jobs are completed with safety being top the priority. We will not sacrifice quality under any circumstance and yet realize that we are not perfect. We understand excellence is achieved through seeking perfection daily.

We have vast experience within our ranks, so if your needs are Commercial, Communications, Industrial, Bridge, or Design Build, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.


Mission Statement

LAZER Construction Company Inc. is a professional, quality and safety oriented General Contractor in the business of building long term client relationships, maintaining a quality working environment for its employees and Securing growth opportunities within the Southeastern United States.

Company History

The original company was incorporated on February 1, 1979 as Concrete Specialties Inc., a local specialty concrete formwork contractor, by Kenneth Hicks, who was a graduate of Clemson University in the spring of 1974. The first year was limited, with only two full time employees and gross revenue of $82,000. Quality growth was achieved through long hours, hard work and customer satisfaction. The company doubled in size each of the next three years working as a sub/civil contractor for the oil industry and various general contractors.

By the early part of 1983 the company had outgrown its name and a search had begun for a new identity that would permanently represent the company as a General Contractor. LAZER, spelled with a Z, was chosen for its uniqueness and ability to be its own logo. The name change allowed for continued growth into several states and all areas of construction.

Major industrial clients pushed the company’s expansion and building of the corporate headquarters in 1987. The first communications job was completed in March of 1988, one building foundation, and a two decade relationship which lead to the commercial and bridge work for SCDOT during the 90’s , the format which exists today.

LAZER does in one day, what it took all year to do in 1979, maintains many of the same clients, relationships and business partners that has made it a “Dream come True”.